Globally there are hundreds of millions of online consumers, e-commerce is now an everyday experience for us. E-commerce businesses are growing day by day, but it is not just for consumers who are passionate online shoppers. Businesses in every sector are moving away from traditional buying methods and progressively embracing an online model. Not surprisingly, B2B sales are booming.

E-commerce is growing so fast by increasing social media intelligence and new technologies. E-commerce has increased opportunities for women entrepreneurship. The E-commerce industry makes the world come closer by helping sellers to meet the buyer and vice versa. Flexibility and the technology of e-commerce businesses let women entrepreneurs coordinate their business entirely on the internet. There seems to be a dramatic change of financial independence along with creative satisfaction for women for the E-commerce revolution.

There are lots of benefits for women in E-commerce:

                         > Flexibility

                       > Working from home

                         > No family restrictions & safety issues

                         > Work during maternity leave

The constant growth of e-commerce globally has been seen by leading women entrepreneurs. The best use of social media and the high penetration of the internet is also playing an influential role in driving their business by reducing the barriers to work across boundaries and creating flexibility around their schedule by introducing digital lifestyles and virtual workplace. So, for the economic growth of families and nations and all the positive attributes of e-commerce, women entrepreneurs need to start an E-commerce business.

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