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face blue shirtSouthern Rags to Southern Riches

Growing up poor has given me a deep understanding of what hard work is, as well as how it can truly pay off. I grew up in the small town of North, South Carolina, one of three children of a single mother. She was a survivor, but struggled to support us. She made some poor decisions which led my siblings and I to live in foster care when I was in the 7th grade.

Despite my difficult childhood, I excelled in school. I graduated North High School with two Senior Superlatives: Most Intelligent and Most Likely to Succeed. I made it my goal to live up to those expectations. From a young age I knew my future would be paved with figures and formulas. I went on to attend Francis Marion University on a full scholarship, which I lost when I transferred to the University of South Carolina (USC). I returned back to Francis Marion University and graduated with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, and went on to receive a Masters in Earth and Environmental Resource Management from USC and a Masters of Business Administration from The Citadel in Charleston, SC. I was excited and proud, but fearful of the future, because with my degrees, I also earned a ridiculous amount of crippling student loan debt.

slider-01I have always been goal-oriented, determined, inspirational and motivational. I love people and I love watching them succeed. When I came across ecommerce in January of 2014, I never imagined that it would not only change my life, but the lives of hundreds of other individuals struggling to stay afloat. Yes, I am a family woman. I have a loving husband of 18 years, and two beautiful sons, Cameron, 16 and Carson, 13. Yes, I work a full-time job in the Water/
Wastewater industry. Yes, I devote every minute I have to my family and my children. And YES, I still have time to build my business – and be wildly successful at it! In my first year on-line, I earned 6 Figures on eBay, Amazon and Google.

Imagine how an extra $100k could help you and your family. Now imagine that it could be a reality.

It IS my reality, and I look forward to helping you achieve it, too!


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