Why High Amazon Sales Don’t Impress Me?

I want to share with you Why High Amazon Sales Don’t Impress Me. On my very first sale, I lost 7 cents, because I didn´t calculate taxes.

When I first started selling online on Amazon and eBay, I was always sharing my results, but my husband told me that those checks are not the real numbers and could be misleading, because taxes haven´t even been paid, and there are many things you also pay that are not deducted from that check.

I want to caution you about this. A lot of people post big numbers, but they don’t show you how much they have to pay for pay per click ads or Facebook ads. The profit is not real if you don´t deduct all of the expenses.

For example, sometimes you have to reduce your price, to improve your sales. Remember, that I always tell you to make data-driven decisions. When I did this, I simply sold more, and that increased my profit. It was worth it.

So, when you are looking at somebody else’s numbers, Be aware that you are only seeing sales and not profits.

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