Selling books on Amazon remains one of the best ways to make money from Amazon. Amazon was one of the first online book retailers when first launched. Over the years, it’s more digitally focused and now it also offers digital options called kindle products. If you decide to start an Amazon business then selling books is a good idea. According to research, Amazon controls 64% of sales of printed books online and also the largest amount of e-book market at 67%. 

Whether you want to work from home as an online seller or start to sell books on Amazon, here are some tips for sourcing books.

1. Check BookSaleFinder.com: BookSaleFinder is a comprehensive database of book sales and the best website on the internet for sourcing books. The database is full of book stores in all 50 U.S.states. You can check this website for new sales announcements on a weekly basis, as new sales are advertised all the time.

2. Source Books Online: For Amazon FBA book-selling businesses, it’s highly recommended to source books online. In this process, it is best to use an online book arbitrage software and use the software to find low-priced books on Amazon. Then buy the book and get it shipped to your house. And send the book into Amazon and sell it at the higher FBA price.

3. Advertise Locally: There are dozens of ways you can buy used books that can be a terrific way to build a steady and easy source of inventory. The most effective methods are to make a website and direct people to it, post in local Facebook groups, make business cards and hand them out, use word of mouth and bring it up in conversation.

4. Visit Thrift Stores: You should take advantage of Thrift Stores because these stores are an excellent source of inventory. The easiest way to find thrift stores near your location is by using the Google Maps app. By this app, you can find thrift stores near you, along with their phone number and opening hours. 

5. Check Facebook Marketplace: Many people sell their books on Facebook for far less than their true value, so it can be quite profitable for you to scout through this online source and from here you can score some quick and easy profits. So by browsing Facebook you can find some marketplaces which offers some good deals. But you need to double-check that the person you’re buying from isn’t another seller so you can avoid buying a batch of duds.

6. Go to every book sale you can: Book sales are such sources where you can consistently find thousands of books that haven’t been sifted through by other sellers. Locate the book sales and visit every one within driving distance. This is the best way to build up a solid inventory quickly, at a minimal cost.

7. Scan Books: Great sellers are children’s books, audiobooks, gardening, cooking, science fiction/fantasy, non-fiction and books related to contagious diseases. Each of these categories have profitable books. You can find books worth $50 or more from every single one of these categories. Happy Hunting!

8. Pick Up Less Profitable Books: Many sellers avoid books for less than $15 because in the low budget books you need to do extra work to process them. If you’re willing to put in the extra hours, picking up those books can net you a few hundred dollars every sale. These books take less than two minutes to deal with-five seconds to scan it and put it in your box, three seconds for the volunteer to add it to the tally and one minute to grade and list it.


However, books might not seem glamorous compared to hot toys, wholesale deals, or trendy electronics, but you can make a lot of money selling books on Amazon. If you don’t want to spend your time listing books that no one will buy then it’s important to know how to find the right books to sell on Amazon. 

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