The ongoing coronavirus crisis is impacting every part of our lives. The outbreak of the COVID-19 is crashing global markets and affecting everything from the local business to the film industry to air travel. Still, some companies stand to benefit somehow from this crisis. Selling of products/services like-deep cleaning products, remote services like Zoom and Peloton, and of course, brands of hand sanitizer.

Except for this, many small e-commerce businesses, the future seems uncertain to say the least. Below are some tips to help protect your e-commerce business and stay afloat despite the crisis: 

  1. Prepare a Message about coronavirus to your Customers: During crisis times, it’s very important to inform your customers about the current situation. Be transparent with your customers about how it affects your business operations.
  1. Search Alternative Suppliers Outside of China: Importing products from China for e-commerce businesses are in a difficult position.

          >China exports dropped by 20%

          >There may be problems with deliveries and also delays.

          >People are scared of taking everything associated with coronavirus.   


  1. Focus on Strategy to respond to your Online Store to Coronavirus: During challenging times, being proactive is critical. Take matters into your own hands and get your business through the crisis. What you could do:

                         >Focus on sales

                         >Bring Qualified Traffic with Content

                         >Build Your Email List

                         >Automate your Customer Service

                         >Sell Vouchers and Gift cards

  1. Be Proactive and Show your Activity in the Crisis: Your customers want to see that you are able to handle the crisis. Being proactive in both: your communications and operations with customers is pivotal to run your business smoothly and make your customers feel taken care of.
  1. Check with the Government or Organizations plans to support business growth: There are so many helpful programs, solutions and loans for businesses affected by the outbreak of the crisis. This support is for helping you to cover your expenses in this situation when your revenue is frozen.

When times are tough, the tough get going. Instead of closing up shop, find other ways to protect your business and research other opportunities you can use in advance. Go ahead, start today.

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