The ONE Thing You Need to Be Successful in eCommerce

Successful e-commerce businesses are never a “solo” adventure, even if you are the only one in your company. You are not the only one responsible for keeping your operation running. You will most likely have a supplier or a distributor or perhaps you outsource some duties. Whatever the case, it is important that you notice that you are not alone, and when two or more people are together, roles needs to be established.

Can you imagine a boat with everybody rowing, but no one guiding? That is a boat where roles were not established. The same thing happens with business. If you want your operation to work well, duties and responsibilities need to be properly laid out. It is a must.

But that’s not the whole story. I’m not here to merely tell you the basics. I have experience and I enjoy so much sharing my wisdom with you, so brace yourself, cuz the most important thing is what I’m about to tell you, get the right people to do the right duty.

This seems fairly obvious, but I can’t stress enough how important it is and how easy it is to forget about it. I want your business to grow, and it will, but at that point you will feel tempted to row, guide and put water out of the boat at the same time. Or you will have an employee that you hired to do one task doing a different task, and that’s not right… you should have the right people doing the right job.

If you know your strengths, stick to them! If you know the strengths of your supplier or your employee, stick to them. Keep the roles well established and follow them. If the operation grows, the company and the number of associates needs to also grow.

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