I Help Aspiring
Amazon Sellers to Create a Unique Brand and Profitable Business

Create a Unique Brand
and Profitable Business as an Amazon Seller

For the past five years, I’ve helped my clients earn more than $3,000,000 in sales on Amazon — from retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, wholesale and creating private label brands.

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Dropshipping is a way of selling items online which is an inventory-less business model. When customers place orders, the information is relayed to your suppliers who then directly ship to the customers with your brand labels. Therefore you are responsible only for marketing and customer communication purposes. You can avoid paying for expensive warehouse space […]

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May 12, 2020


Dropshipping is a process of selling products where the seller is not responsible for carrying inventory or shipping goods. Manufacturing the products, maintaining inventory, and shipping the products are all responsibilities of the product manufacturer or distributor. Dropshipping on Amazon is no different than regular dropshipping. Dropshipping on Amazon is against Amazon’s terms of service […]

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April 28, 2020


Millions of people are experiencing similar feelings during these uncertain times with the global pandemic. It’s impossible to move about our day without mention of the novel coronavirus. Now people are working from home and schools are closed. Grocery store shelves are also empty. There are many reasons that can cause stress during the COVID-19 […]

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April 7, 2020


Success is not guaranteed to anyone on Amazon, regardless of whether you’re a drop shipper or a private label seller. The only way to overcome your competitor is precision and a flawless sales strategy that satisfies the customers. Below are seven tips, you can begin with in order to increase sales on Amazon: Spend Quality […]

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March 31, 2020


7.- You don´t believe that this will work for you, you don´t believe that you will be able to make it in this business, even though you see a lot of people doing it and getting their piece of pie, you don´t believe that one little silver pie is for you. 6.- You don´t list […]


November 6, 2018

7 eBay Dropshipping Mistakes To Avoid

Did you know Amazon recently bought 20,000 Mercedes Benz Vans to deliver for the Holiday season so they can speed up their delivery time? Let´s think about this a bit. Recently the United States Postal Service just proposed a hike on their prizes, about 12% raise on their prizes to deliver packages, that will star […]

Amazon, Ecommerce

November 5, 2018

Amazon “Last Mile” Delivery

I want to share with you Why High Amazon Sales Don’t Impress Me. On my very first sale, I lost 7 cents, because I didn´t calculate taxes. When I first started selling online on Amazon and eBay, I was always sharing my results, but my husband told me that those checks are not the real […]

Amazon, Ecommerce, Marketing Tips

October 26, 2018

Why High Amazon Sales Don’t Impress Me?

Today I´m going to share with you 7 Things To Avoid when Private Labeling Your First Product To Sell On Amazon: 1.- Make sure you are ungated in that category, for example, if you are selling food or vitamins, you need permission to sell in that category. 2.- Do not make emotional decisions. This is […]

Amazon, Ecommerce

October 23, 2018

7 Things To Avoid when Private Labeling Your First Product To Sell On Amazon

Hi guys, Becky Thames here. Today I have a question for you. Have you failed with e-Commerce before you even started? Some people say there is no money to be made on Amazon. My response to them is there are tons of millionaires being made on Amazon right now and it really amazes me when […]

Ecommerce, Inspiration

October 12, 2018

Have you failed with eCommerce before you even started?

Hi guys, Becky Thames here. People ask all the time, Becky where do you get stuff to sell on eBay? Today I´m going to share with you some places where you can go to find items to sell on eBay. Let me go back in time, when I started selling on eBay, around eighteen years […]


October 12, 2018

Where Do I Get Stuff To Sell On eBay

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