Amazon Ranking Factor is also known as A9 (Amazon’s ranking Algorithm) which means optimizing your product listing to appear at the top of the Amazon search results. Everybody wants their products to be optimized to appear at the top of the results. This is the best way to reach more valuable leads for your business.

Having a high product ranking on Amazon is a great way of increasing sales. Amazon always wants to maximize revenue per customer. Amazon has three equally important ranking factors, which are-

  • Conversion rate
  • Relevancy
  • Customer satisfaction and retention

There are some factors across conversion, relevance, and customer satisfaction. The A9 algorithm considers several ranking factors for your product. The ranking factors are-

  1. Sales Rank: Sales rank also known as Amazon’s best sellers rank (BSR) which is one of the most important ranking factors.
  1. Customer Reviews: The number of product reviews and the quality of these reviews are very important for ranking factors.
  1. Price: You always need to offer the best price for the customer because product prices are strongly influenced by conversion rates and sales.
  1. Title: To increase your conversion rate a good product title is a must. To optimize your Amazon product title, it should be easy to read, be under 200 characters, and contain relevant keywords.
  1. Product Description: A great product description will increase your customer engagement and conversion rates. Use a product description that will expand on your features and include your keywords.
  1. Time on Page and Bounce Rate: The amount of time a customer spends on your listing will show Amazon how interested customers are in your product and it’s facts on conversion rate.
  1. Features: Displaying the product feature is detailed with keywords included, is a great way to increase conversions.
  1. Order Processing Speed:  You need to ship fast and accurately for success on Amazon. By efficient order processing, you will also rank higher.

Amazon’s product search algorithm is completely different from Google SEO. Once people find your product on Amazon and consider it relevant to what they are searching for, they will probably click and also buy it. A9 algorithm will rank the product when more people click and buy your product. When the ranks of the product are lower, more people will buy it.

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