Do you have ALL the pieces to the ecommerce puzzle?


It´s time to give it all away.

If you feel like you are missing one piece of the Amazon selling or e-commerce puzzle, I can help you. What I´m looking for and who I´m looking for is if you feel that you are super close and you´re just missing that one piece to the e-commerce puzzle or you might be missing two or three pieces but you feel that you´re close, I want to talk to talk to you on the phone for 15 minutes for free and give you some direction.

What I want to do is advise you, but only if you are serious on what you what for your business, and you feel like you are just missing one little piece of the e-commerce puzzle (eBay, Amazon, etc) let´s schedule a call to talk to you on the phone.

I´ll send you the link and you can set a time to talk to me for 15 minutes. Also, maybe you know somebody who is missing the piece of the puzzle, or maybe they don´t even know what the puzzle is and they want to learn more about it; then go to I´ll put the link there, we´re gonna have to stay on a strict schedule because I want to help as many people as I can.

I want to help you make your first dime online and you have to start with little baby steps.

One final piece of advice, be careful who you listen to, quit chasing shiny objects and focus on doing IPA (income-producing activities) and I will see you at the top

Remember, …When they´re zigging, I´m zagging…

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