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Congratulations you sold your first item on Amazon! Now what?

Place your order by clicking here or on the picture below.

This is my Amazon affiliate link that will direct you to the Amazon order page.


So click on the link or picture above and bookmark it or add to favorites depending on your browser.

For each order, click the brown box.

After your item sells, you will now have to purchase it from Amazon and using your own credit card, so make sure you have money available on your card to make Amazon purchases for the items being sold on your Ebay seller account.

After the buyer pays you for your item, you need to click on the boxes and it will take you to Amazon, from there you must search for the item you are selling on eBay and go ahead and click “add to cart”.

Enter in your credit card information then enter in your buyer’s shipping information at the bottom of the form.

Place a check-mark in the “gift” box and un-check the “send gift card” box.

By going to Amazon from this link, you are setting up an affiliate code with Amazon that tells Amazon to ship the item to your Buyer.

The item will arrive at your Buyer’s door and will not include the price invoice of the credit card purchase. Your buyer will be happy and leave you positive feedback every time.

PayPal (if new account) may hold your funds until they see that the item has been shipped, once Amazon sends you tracking and notification of the item being shipped out take the tracking and upload it to eBay to inform your buyer.

Once your buyer receives the item, PayPal will release the payment hold. Payments held on new PayPal account are just the nature of doing business with PayPal.

The reason why most sellers get negative feedback on eBay is due to shipping related issues.

Check your listings daily to make sure they are still in stock.

Your buyers will love your shipping service and the packaging, and they will leave you positive feedback, I have found this to be true in my experiences drop shipping from Amazon to eBay.

Please remember to bookmark this website and click the boxes on every single order. This is the only way this will work and millions of sellers do it everyday on eBay to earn money.

The more items you list, the more you sell.

I also urge you to contact me on Facebook before listing an item so I can see it before you list it.

I will be able to help you with keywords and I’ll also be able to tell you whether or not the product can be sold.

Product research is the key, it’s not only finding photos, it’s keywords, undercutting on the prices, and the type of item you’re selling.

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