Amazon “Last Mile” Delivery

Did you know Amazon recently bought 20,000 Mercedes Benz Vans to deliver for the Holiday season so they can speed up their delivery time?

Let´s think about this a bit. Recently the United States Postal Service just proposed a hike on their prizes, about 12% raise on their prizes to deliver packages, that will star on January 2019. Also, consider the post office delivers tons of packages for Amazon. What if that changes and Amazon gets all the delivery?

As you know, Amazon and eBay are not the best friends. Now, one of the great advantages of delivering with FedEx, for example, is the tracking. How about if Amazon delivers something to eBay and eBay doesn´t accept the tracking number.

The worst case scenario is that´s going to cause a huge problem with your metrics on eBay because eBay may reject Amazon´s tracking system. It´s something to consider. Don´t freak out. We have to wait and see.

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