If I had to start my eCommerce journey over with just $100

What would I do if I had to start my eCommerce journey over with just $100?

Here are the lessons that I learned:

Lesson #1: FOCUS ON ONLY ONE THING… When I first started with my e-commerce journey I bought everything I saw on video because I thought that was right, and many of those things I didn´t need. It ´s not how much you study, it´s all about taking action, practicing and mastering.

Lesson #2: Ebay is easy money. I would continue selling on eBay and I would add 5 items per day. It´s easy money.

Remember that Amazon is amazing money but Ebay is slow and steady money.

Lesson #3: Practice your listing technique. Ready to start?

Go to eBay and sell something from your house.  Ask your friends if they have items that you could sell, even something simple such as a toaster. I would take my profits and reinvest them in my business. I can´t say this enough…you are not selling products, you are selling keywords.

This is where many people fail.  Don’t get me wrong.  I want you to sell on Amazon, E-bay, and even your own store, but remember you have to take baby steps and then reinvest in yourself.

I hope you get some advice and find these lessons valuable for your journey:


=>No matter what you choose, keep your eBay account.

=>Practice your listings.

Remember,  you are not selling products, you are selling keywords.

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