How To Think Outside The Amazon Box

Think Outside the Box

… when others are Zigging you should be Zagging…

In this video I explain how thinking outside the box can give you a huge advantage over your competition, so make sure to get this insight fresh from the oven.

Amazon is one the biggest search engines out there, but they are not alone. Google is neaG the top, and what’s great about Google? They give you free tools to help you analyze their traffic.

Now, Amazon and Google traffic doesn’t behave exactly the same, but that’s when thinking outside the box comes into play – Use Google trends!

Why? Because people’s interests today like TV Shows, new gadgets or even the weather.. will become buying trends tomorrow. It’s easy.

Were people interested in self-defense books for women 2 years ago?
Yes. How many are interested in buying them now after the sex scandals in Hollywood? Way more, right? and who saw that coming? Guys, thats how looking at trends and thinking outside the box can benefit your income.

Google trends is all about thinking ahead, identifying trends and adjusting your sales strategies to fulfill the needs of the “trends” that are emerging.

This tool can also help you find seasonal products, so you can have a heads up on when to buy and fill your stock.

Check the full video here:

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