How To Get Ungated In Health Beauty and Groceries On Amazon…

As an Amazon seller, you may be wandering what categories you can sell in on Amazon.

How to get ungated in the popular Amazon Selling Categories.Health, Beauty and Groceries, the popular Amazon selling categories.

Beauty and Household
Grocery And Gourmet Food

You will need a Sellers Permit from your state and three Paper invoices

from a Wholesaler.  Walmart, BigLots, Sams, Costco, BJs are NOT wholesalers.

The invoices needed to get ungated in beauty and groceries on Amazon need to have a substantial quantity (ie. 36 each).

Internet invoices are not accepted. The paid invoice included in the shipment is perfect for Amazon ungating.

Ungating is simple, but truth be told, there is a ton of money to be made from categories that don’t require ungating on Amazon.

Happy Selling!

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