Have you failed with eCommerce before you even started?

Hi guys, Becky Thames here.

Today I have a question for you. Have you failed with e-Commerce before you even started?

Some people say there is no money to be made on Amazon. My response to them is there are tons of millionaires being made on Amazon right now and it really amazes me when people think this.

People often say things like there is too much competition or I can´t make any money on eBay or Amazon, or I don´t understand how to sell on eBay or Amazon, or the products aren´t selling, or I´m just not cut out for this.

Let me tell you, with that negative thinking, you will never make a sell. When you say I will never make a sell on Amazon or eBay, guess what is going to happen… you will never make a sell on Amazon or eBay and you will never make any money. Remember, What you think is what you bring.

You can decide to be negative, stay with the negative mind and the negative decisions or go with the positive mind, and the positive thoughts, and if something is going bad, do the proper research, find a mentor, try another way, but don´t just give up. If a product is not selling, scratch that product, don´t get emotionally attached to a product, remember, you are not selling products, you are selling keywords.

If you never start, you will never be where I´m right now; if you never think you can, you will never be where I´m right now.

And most important, you can´t compare yourself with me. I have a 19 years e-commerce journey with e-Bay and Amazon and you are probably starting. If you need my help send me a message and I will be more than happy to help.

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