Expert Secrets From Becky Thames

Expert Secrets from Becky Thames

Today, I returned from a week long cruise to the Bahamas. I absolutely love to cruise. Time to Reflect, relax, and rejuvenate.

I reread Russel Brunson’s Expert Secrets book. Highly recommend.

I listened to Ray Higdon and I wanted to answer the question. Who Do I Want To Become?

Mission: Help as many people as I can succeed online with ecommerce. (Clarifies my goals. My NORTH star!)

Vision: Improving People’s Lives Thru Ecommerce (where I’m going in the future)

Values: (Guides my behavior and my choices)
Ecommerce Education
Customer Focus

10% of ALL gross sales will be donated to these 4 organizations which I am super passionate about:

1st Quarter: Water Missions International – Raises awareness for global water crisis. Walk For Water – Most people walk 3.5 miles one way to collect water that is not even safe

2nd Quarter: Carolina Children’s Charity – meets needs of local children in the Charleston, SC tri-county area with birth defects and/or childhood diseases.

3rd Quarter – Darkness To Light; Non-profit empowers adults to prevent child sexual abuse. Vision: Create A Safer World For Kids

4th Quarter – Be A Mentor- Ensures that all Lowcountry Youth have the character, confidence, and leadership skills to be successful in pursuing their dreams.

Two awesome reads for all business owners

DotCom Secrets
Expert Secrets

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