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I can’t believe I’ve been selling online for almost two decades.

I created my eBay account on 11-9-99. I remember the day, oh so well.
I was single, living in my brand new house, and waiting oh so patiently
for the internet to “dial up” thru AOL. You remember that sound, don’t ya?

I created my account to buy! I remember staying up very late at night to win
eBay auctions that closed on the West coast. That was before I knew there
was an “app” or software back then for that…

Then I started selling on eBay.
It was so much fun but it was also very time consuming.
I made a TON of money in 2000.

In fact, I used some of the profits from my eBay sales
to pay for my portion of our wedding in September 2001.

It worked well for me when I was single but when I got married
and started a family, I put eBay on the back burner until January 2014,
when I saw a Facebook ad about dropshipping.

I was immediately hooked.
I always wondered how the eBay sellers could sell so many different items.

Now, I KNOW.

I sold my first item on Amazon on March 17, 2014.
I was hooked again.
I never knew I could make money in my sleep.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

I’ve gone on to private label my own items and create a brand within 3 years.
I’ve had over $1.3 Million in Sales on Amazon. I’m the Amazon Queen!

I also now sell my products on Walmart.

Ecommerce is definitely a way to earn extra income especially if you want
to learn how to make money online without chasing friends and family.

Watch My Personal e-Commerce Journey thru Facebook Posts!

It has been an amazing journey and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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