Find 30 Amazon Products in 30 Minutes

I really did.  I actually found over 30 products in 30 minutes!
OK, how and where?
At the No Excuses e-commerce workshop in January, Team NEOS’ largest ecommerce expo.
As many of you know I teach people how to find profitable products for ecommerce, for both eBay and Amazon.
The next trip is less than a month away..
Here’s a sneak peek of what you will learn…
1. Do you have the right mindset for ecommerce?

1. Reduce your trial and error time.

2. Rub elbows with experienced sellers (6 and 7 Figure income earners)

3. Go through the whole cycle of e-commerce live

We spend two days in intense amazon/ebay/mindset training preparing for the expo and then we take the attendees on a guided tour of the Marketplace.
We split up into groups and then we go to an FBA workshop. We show the group how to look for products as we walk the aisles of local stores.
The premise is simple, look for products that fit the amazon criteria of size, weight and retail pricing, etc.
Make a note of that item, then while in store check the competition of the market with the Amazon Seller App and see if it is a high enough retail price or see if market is too competitive.
That’s what my clients do and that’s how they benefit from the expo….
I hope you will consider joining us on June 2nd in Baltimore, Maryland.
and register telling them that
Becky “The Amazon Queen” Thames sent ya!




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